In July 2023, the Town of Erving released a Request for Proposals to develop senior housing on municipally owned land behind the Erving Senior Center and Erving Library in the village of Ervingside. RDI, with assistance from Austin Design Cooperative and development consultant Christine Rogers, submitted a proposal to develop eighteen affordable senior apartments and eight affordable multi-generational workforce apartments in three energy-efficient buildings on the site. In December 2023, the Erving Selectboard voted to select RDI’s proposal, which was ranked by the Erving Senior Housing Committee as highly advantageous.

The development is expected to be funded through a variety of sources, including Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, State and private subsidies, local funds, grant contributions, and permanent debt. Apartments will be mixed-income, with affordability targeted to households earning less than 30% AMI up to 60% AMI.

RDI expects to begin predevelopment and permitting with the Town in 2024. A Kuehn Planning Grant has been secured from the Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation (CEDAC) for initial feasibility work. Depending on financing, permitting, and construction schedules, initial occupancy is projected for 2028 or 2029.

Image Credits: Austin Design Cooperative