The Ashfield House is an historic, eighteen unit, four-story wood-frame building located in the scenic hilltown village of Ashfield with one (1), two (2), and three (3) bedroom apartments. The property is located within walking distance of small businesses and services including restaurants, convenience stores, churches, and the post office.

The Ashfield House was purchased by RDI in December 2004 after many years of negotiating with the seller whose family had owned the property for three generations.  The owner was determined to keep the building as affordable housing in a community where housing prices have steadily risen beyond what local residents can afford.  With predevelopment and acquisition loans from CEDAC, RDI was able to acquire and renovate the building, while maintaining full occupancy.  Using a combination of public and private loans, construction began in February 2006 and was completed a year later.

The Ashfield House has units set aside for households at a range of income levels. Please visit the Franklin County Regional Housing & Redevelopment Authority’s website for eligibility and to apply for an apartment at the Ashfield House.

Ashfield House