Project Description
HRA manages two rental properties on Prospect and Grove streets in downtown Orange, collectively referred to as "Prospect & Grove."

The Prospect Street building contains three units of housing subsidized through Project Based Housing Choice Vouchers.
The Grove Street building contains three units of affordable housing rented at market rates.

Rent for the three units in the Prospect Street building is subsidized by Project Based Housing Choice Vouchers. If your household income is less than 80% AMI (see Income Eligibility Chart), you will meet the income eligibility standards for the Prospect Street units.

Household Size60% AMI80% AMI
One (1) person $33,600 $44,800
Two (2) people $38,400 $51,200
Three (3) people $43,200 $57,600
Four (4) people $48,000 $64,000
Five (5) people $51,840 $69,150
Six (6) people $55,680 $74,250
Seven (7) people $59,520 $74,250
Eight (8) people $63,360 $84,500


The three units in the Grove Street building are available at market-rate rents. There are no income restrictions on these units. A household must only meet rent eligibility standards to qualify for the Grove Street units.

In order to meet rent affordability requirements, rent must total no more than 35% of a household's total monthly income. Households that already have housing vouchers (Section 8, MRVP, or others) will also meet rent affordability requirements, and are welcome and encouraged to apply.

Waitlist Length
The waitlist for P&G depends on many variables including the applicant’s income, the size of the unit being applied for, and current vacancies in the building.


How to Apply

To apply for a subsidized unit in the Prospect Street building of P&G, you need to fill out the
P&G Project-Based HCV Application
To apply for a market-rent unit in the Grove Street building of P & G, you will need to fill out the
P&G Building-Only Application. 
If you do not have access to a printer, please call us(413) 863-9781 or stop by the office(241 Millers Falls Road, Turners Falls, MA) to pick one up.